Saturday, June 21, 2008

Luke's - mini-review

Tucked into the corner of Ft. Lowell and Stone Avenue, Luke's rests inauspiciously near a gas station, a grungy minimall, and some repair shops. From the outside it looks pretty dingy. Inside it's a much cleaner affair, with mostly spotless tables, pictures of various Chi-town sports heroes, and a ceiling-mounted television playing Nancy Grace. I ordered a Polish sausage with fries and was handed an enormous bundle of food, which unwrapped into the meal you see above. The sausage was perfect, with strong notes of pepper and spice. It was a revelation compared to all the tasteless Polish sausages I've had in Tucson and elsewhere. As you can see from the picture, Luke's serves their sausage on a hard baguette rather than a gooey potato bun. This makes it easy to eat the sausage two-handed, without having to resort to knife and fork. I like to eat my sausage without having to remove the peppers or pickle spear first, and this arrangement makes it much easier to do that. The fries were quite crispy, but a little on the dry side.

First impressions overall were quite favorable. I'll have to return to sample their hamburgers.


Richard said...

A comment about fries, since I recently spent some time in Toronto. In Canada, fries are always served with vinegar (often a choice of light or dark vinegar, kinda like beer). I recall that from my early days across the pond in Buffalo. Rarely done in the states, it is a wonderful change from the (God forbid) ketchup people slather all over their soggy fries in the US.

Cirroc said...

Have you had poutine? It's fries slathered in gravy and cheese. A French-Canadian specialty, from what I understand.

Richard said...

No, but I'm game. Sounds heathful.

Our proximity growing up was "English" Canada, so didn't have that opportunity.