Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dog Shoots Man

DES MOINES, Iowa — A hunter is recovering after he was shot in the leg at close range by his dog, who stepped on his shotgun and tripped the trigger, an official said Tuesday.
James Harris, 37, of Tama, was hit in the calf Saturday, the opening day of pheasant season, said Alan Foster, a spokesman with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.
"He had surgery and is doing pretty well," he said. "He took between 100 and 120 pellets in about a 4-inch circle to his calf."


Why did he leave a loaded shotgun on the ground?

edit: corrected the title, durrr

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

On "Politics"

with "scare quotes"...

People often ask me if I'm interested in politics. I suppose that answer would be "yes," to the degree that I voraciously read the daily news on the Internet, blogs, and occasional newspapers. But I'm not really that interested in discussing or debating political issues. That's because the major issues of the day -- torture, Iraq, Iran, the President, even fundamental gay rights -- are all pretty one-sided. That is, there's only one side that a reasonable, principled person can take. There is no nuance, no justifiable arguments on both sides, no real debate. Arguing with someone on these issues is like arguing with someone who doesn't believe in evolution (hm, bad example).

So no, I'm not interested in one-sided arguments. I don't find them engaging, just depressing.

I'm back

Lots more posts to follow. I promise!