Monday, June 30, 2008

Junot Diaz on Grand Theft Auto IV

(via WSJ Online)

He's a fan, but thinks the praise is a little overwrought.

Can't say I disagree, but I genuinely felt feelings of conflict and distress when faced with the choices the game poses (kill a useless but loyal friend to advance your career, or kill a highly useful yet major asshole?). In general, I felt the game handled moral choice better than the slightly overpraised Bioshock.


bean said...

omfg! I almost sent you this, as I was praising Junot to the high heavens when we last had cocktails, remember? See how why he is the high priest of the high/low brow hipsters? Best comment on the gawker post about that article:

"Jesus fuck, Diaz. Maybe if you put down the controller you might be able to shatter your current record of one book every ten fucking years."

ha ha ha!

Seriously, though - The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao - so fucking good.

ALSO- you never comment on my blog and that equals I hate you.

ALSO 2- did you ever read that New Yorker comp book i gave you? If not you are doody. Yes, I have had a lot of wine tonight. What's it to you?


Cirroc said...

I love my New Yorker book! I enjoy perusing it while I have something in the oven. MFK Fisher is a goddess.