Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bacon-wrapped Matzoh Balls

A friend tipped me off to this sacril-icious culinary fad. Former Top Chef Ilan Hall is an advocate:

“The bacon-wrapped matzah ball thing was a little bit of a joke — a tongue-in-cheek thing I did for a friend’s birthday party in New York,” said the loquacious chef, sporting his signature dark-rimmed glasses as he sat at the restaurant’s wooden communal table, his design. “He was a fellow Jew and not kosher at all, and I thought it would be kind of funny to do. I tried it and loved it. It came out really nice. Pork fat does something magical to matzah meal.”

I am no stranger to mixing the sacred and the profane. At this year's seder, an intrepid guest proposed the open-faced bacon matzoh sandwich which turned out quite well:


EmilyCC said...

I love your recipes that mix the sacred and profane.

I wish I could think of some comparable Mormon ones, but all I can come up with are my Mexican chocolate shortbread cookies that have espresso powder in them. I guess I could call them Satan's Coffee Cookies?

J.L. Schultz said...

keep em coming!