Thursday, March 15, 2007

Netroots <3 John Edwards

Today's straw poll at DailyKos is interesting. Edwards is ahead of Obama, 40% to 26% at the time of this posting. Last month showed Edwards with a slight edge. Obama may have star power, drawing hundreds of people even at the tiniest of events, but the netroots clearly like Edwards.

I find this encouraging. For all the hype, I just don't think Obama is a candidate of much substance. And I'm not too impressed with a candidate who can't even come out and say that "homosexuality is not immoral." Obama's still essentially an empty suit. Once people realize this en masse, Edwards is in a great position to surge ahead of him.

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Richard said...

But...can Edwards overcome the now widely disseminated "hair video" or his overly namby pampy style? I hope so. It's about time we had a truly pretty guy in the White house.